5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy More Effective

May 14, 2012


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Every business and professional should have a Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus account. If you are asking yourself why you don’t have any followers or interaction on your walls the consider the following strategy to kick start your social media effort. The more time you invest into social media…

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Hire me! I know everything about social media!

May 10, 2012


This title is obviously sarcasm at its finest as it is impossible to know everything about social media (but seriously hire me).  The platforms are changing to keep up with new technology being developed and to know everything that’s happening would likely cause your head to explode.

Pinterest Strategies for Business

March 29, 2012


Pinterest has been popular for awhile now, but I have not seen a lot of posts on how to capitalize on this growing phenomena.  In my first post about Pinterest I covered from a personal perspective but in this article I will provide 3 tips on how to utilize the popular platform for business uses. […]

Burgers, Beer, and Social Media

March 18, 2012


I had the privilege to attend a discussion led my Joe Sorge founder of AJ Bombers (great burgers and beer) in which he talked about how he got started and his opinions on a wide-variety of social media topics.  Joe is one of the only restaurants that I have seen that utilizes social media exceptional […]

Google+ the one network that could have ruled them all

March 13, 2012


Google+what’s this platform all about? I was fortunate enough to receive an invite fairly early on into the lifetime of Google+ and I must say it had such potential. As a marketer I saw some very enticing benefits to Google+ Extreme Targeting via Circles Google is biased in terms of S.E.O. “Sparks” search capability 

Twitter….Not just for posting what you had for breakfast?

March 9, 2012


If you were like me when you first started using Twitter you thought it was a way to post glorified status updates.  I have since given it a second chance and now realize it’s massive potential for companies.  The best possible practice for utilizing Twitter is Engagement….Engagement…Engagement.  Below are 3  tips for you or your […]

A “Brand” New Facebook

March 5, 2012


This past week Facebook has launched its new pages for brands.  These brand pages are intended to mimic the “timeline” aspect of use profiles.  These new pages will allow for a great way for brands to get their history and messages across to consumers utilizing a chronological and image focused way. These new brand timeline […]