Social Media Marketing, an effective way to attract customers

Posted on July 29, 2011


I was looking through the daily social media news and cam across this great blog post on

This article is a great resource to look at if your company is looking to do social media.  I LOVE the fact that it mentions that you should “promote do not advertise” to your users, and to be consistent with your presence on whichever platforms you choose.  In my personal opinion these are the two most common social media blunders that many companies make.  If your audience feels like you are just using social media as another outlet to advertise and you are not truly listening to them, they will reject your presence in their community.  They will do this because they are used to having power in the communities they choose to be a part of, and if someone comes into that community and tries to take that power away they will not be accepting of that entity.  Also, if you do not maintain your activity on your social media pages the users will quickly lose interest and the “followers” or “fans” you have will mean absolutely nothing.

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Jon Ziegler

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