Google+ 3 reason why it will be great for your business!

Posted on August 7, 2011


I recently had the opportunity to explore Google+ and my first impression was a good one!  Facebook is known as the king of advertisements in terms of where your company wants advertise, but Google+ will definitely give it a run for its money.   If you have not yet heard of Google+ it won’t be long now, it is growing at an astronomical rate.  In this article I will outline 3 reasons why, I think,  Google+ has the potential to dethrone Facebook as the choice for advertisers.

#1 Targeting via Circles

Circles are the way that Google+ has incorporated Twitter lists into itself.  We all group people in our lives into categories, Google+ just makes it easier to keep track of everyone.  You are able to drag contacts into circles, either pre-made or custom, so you know where they fit into your life.  The key component to these circles is that you get to choose the content that you share with them, and they can’t see the name of the circle they are in or who else is in the circle with them.  This will prove infinitely valuable for businesses as it will allow for targeted marketing to the extreme, without the users knowing.

#2 Google is well….Google. 

Google+ is after all is said and done a Google product.  Google is the king of SEO (search engine optimization).  It will undoubtedly leverage its knowledge in that area, in combination with Google AdWords it should propel brands on Google+ to the forefront of social media marketing.

#3 Importing Contacts

I know what you’re thinking, “If I switch over to Google+ I will have to start from scratch in terms of followers/fans” WRONG. Google+ has an easy contact importer whether it’s through your hotmail, yahoo, or other address book.  If you are a company that keeps track of all your customers it can be as easy as uploading a CVS file format to your mail client and importing your address book to start building your circles.

These are just my first observations that I had while using Google+, I am sure that there are many more opportunities for brands to engage this rapidly increasing audience in new ways.  If I were a company I would begin looking into Google+ as a potential social media outlet.

Jon Ziegler

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