3 Tips for Maintaining your Twitter Account

Posted on August 9, 2011


Hi there blog viewer, I got this idea from surfing twitter and social media news sites and found a lot of people giving tips for maintaining  your twitter account.  I thought, being a relative social media newbie, I could offer my thoughts on this matter.

#1 Content is Everywhere

I have heard several people say that they cant find enough content to share.   These people just don’t know where to look for the information.  I admit at the beginning of this social media experience I was one of these people and was extremely worried about finding enough content to share.  However, my worries were quickly put to rest after I really started looking.  As I blog about social media and focus on “how to,” “tips” and “news” articles I frequently search these kinds of sites:

I get many ideas for content from these sites, as well as doing a hashtag search on Twitter.

#2 Utilize Twitter Lists

As you begin to ramp up your followers you will notice that the amount of tweets you are receiving becomes too much information for any human to process at once.  This is where Twitter’s list feature becomes extremely useful.  Twitter allows users to take the people they are following and put them into lists.  This can be done by:

  1. Go to your profile tab
  2. Click on the lists drop-down list tab (by your followers link above your feed)
  3. Select “Create a List”
  4. Think of a clever, or not so clever, name for your list and a description
  5. Make the list public (this isn’t necessary but it is extremely uncommon to have private lists)
  6. Save the List

Once you have the list created you can  begin to add your followers to the list.  If you know their twitter handle (username) you enter in the box, or you can go to your following page click on the little icon that looks like a person and select add to list and then select which list to add them to.  After you have your people sorted into their lists you can simply view tweets from that list by going to that list and selecting the “tweets” tab.

#3 Use a Third Party Stream Manager

Third party platform managers are extremely useful.  The two main are Hootsuite and TweetDeck.  These tools let you see all of your streams at once in one centralized area.  This becomes extremely useful when you are following significant numbers of people that you have placed in lists.  You can focus on one list and ignore, if you wish, people on another.  Another great feature is the ability to schedule your tweets.  Several experts say that this is a bad idea because it makes your tweets unpersonalized, I disagree with this especially for those who are first starting to use Twitter.  It is extremely difficult to stay regular with your tweeting so the ability to say that I would like this tweet to send an hour from now is extremely useful. Warning do not abuse this ability, I only schedule messages when I know that I will be checking twitter an hour or two after the message was sent.  This is to ensure that if people respond to your tweet (via RT or @ mention) you can respond to them in a timely manner.  I will not go into a significant amount of detail into the specifics of these two managers as I will be writing another blog post soon detailing the differences between the two , I will just say that I prefer Hootsuite.




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