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Posted on August 14, 2011


We all have been looking for one news site that contains everything that interests us so that we do not have to sift through information that we do not care about.  I have found the perfect site that does exactly that for me. is the perfect site for me.  It allows you to search for any category of news that interests you.  I frequent the social media section but there are hundreds to choose from.  Within each category there are the “top” news sites (in their opinion) with 5 of their most popular/recent stories.

I love this site because as a social media newbie it allows me to track the big stories that are gaining a lot of people talking, and also the fact that it consolidates all of the news together into one page.   Instead of going through 15+ social media news site and various blogs, I can simply go to alltop and be right there keeping up with the daily news.

The feature that is extremely useful is  “my alltop.”  This part of the site requires you to make an account with the site.  Once you have an account and are all logged in, you can click the “+” button next to the site or blog that you follow and it automatically syncs that site to your “my alltop” page.  This is useful if you find yourself regularly checking a couple of the sites on your topics page as you can choose to focus on them, and block others out if you so choose.  Also, if you decide that putting them on, essentially, your favorites list you can simply remove them using the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

Remember no one person knows everything about social media, so keep looking for news and asking questions!

Jon Ziegler

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