Posted on August 16, 2011


Pinterest ever heard of it?…..Neither had I until this afternoon when a friend of mine introduced me to the site.  Just after spending about an hour on this site (and having a brief tutorial from my friend) I can tell that this will be a creative new place to direct someone who wants to know more about you.

The site allows you to create virtual “bulletin boards” and post things onto them that interest you.  To begin you select from some pre-named interests that allow the site to generate people that you may want to follow (very similar to Twitter).  You then create you boards in which you can name them creatively and decide how many you would like to start out with. You then being “Pinning” items.   These items can be on your computer, or hyper-linked to a website (via a “Pin It” toolbar button).

I love this site as I think it will serve as a very creative place to direct people who are looking to see what you are about.  It should stand out in a potential employers mind (hopefully in a good way) with a visual display of everything that is you.  I will definitely keep updating my profile and directing people there who want to more about me!

Check this site out, and find me!

Jon Ziegler

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