Top Stories of the past Week

Posted on September 12, 2011


Hi everyone sorry about the serious gap in posts! I have had some family issues.  Nevertheless your top Facebook, twitter, personal branding and overall social media stories have returned.

Social Media

1. Social networks eat up Americans’ online time

2. CBS Embraces Social Media For Fall TV Launch

3. Contact to Present on Social Media Marketing at iStrategy

4. Social media research aims to help teens get ready for college

5. FaceGlat: Can social media be made kosher?

6. Networking OnDemand Helps Financial Institutions Implement a Social Media Policy

7. 80% of US uses social media; Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing

8. HP Expands Security Portfolio to Battle Threats from Mobile, Cloud, and Social

9 .Geography Meets Social Media on ‘Geosocial’ Sites

10. Over half of Facebook users respond to social media marketing


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