Where to Start with Social Media?

Posted on February 24, 2012


What is the Best Platform?

So your looking to start social media marketing for your business? This can seem like a daunting task especially if you are skeptical of the power that is social media.   Where do you start in this ever-changing marketing channel Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or one of the many other platforms out there?  The answer is it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with going online and where your target market is. 

Why Even Bother Going Social?

  • Millions upon Millions of consumers are social media networks
  • Consumers expect brands to be on social media
  • Cheap in comparison to traditional advertising, More Bang for Your Buck!
  • Engage with customers to improve relationships and perception
  • Allows you to gather customer information that 10 years ago would have cost thousands of dollars

R.O.I. Try R.O.R. instead

Many of you are probably thinking that all this is great but where is my return on investment?   My social media professor Don Stanley says it best in that you can’t expect a R.O.I. instantly regardless of you medium, it takes time.  An idea that I agree with when it comes to social media is Return on Relationship.  This is the idea that everything you do online is gearing toward relationships with consumers and these relationships will develop into future sales.  An example of this happening is at a local restaurant in Madison.  AJ Bombers is a restaurant that is well known for its burgers, a women came into the restaurant an ordered a burger was dissatisfied with the egg that was on top of it and tweeted out about the incident. AJ Bombers saw that she was active on twitter made a burger to her specifications,, took a picture and tweeted her inviting her and 10 of her friends to come back and enjoy burgers specially made for her.  She came back loved the burgers and now is a regular customer.  The story illustrates that by fostering the relationship they had with this customer instead of ignoring her they had a huge return on relationship.

What’s Next?

In my upcoming posts I will highlight different social media platforms and detail what type of businesses should be on each and how to get started with each.


Thanks for Reading!