Google+ the one network that could have ruled them all

Posted on March 13, 2012


Google+what’s this platform all about?

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite fairly early on into the lifetime of Google+ and I must say it had such potential.

As a marketer I saw some very enticing benefits to Google+

  • Extreme Targeting via Circles
  • Google is biased in terms of S.E.O.
  • “Sparks” search capability 

However now that Google+ has been out for a fairly long time, I feel as though it’s dying.  In talking with several other students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison I have come to the conclusion that the benefits that Google+ offers are not big enough to dissuade users from using Facebook.

There are several very large names in the social media industry such as Chris Brogan (Twitter, Google+)  who are very active on the platform.  Utilizing the hangout feature Chris is teaching others about Google+ among many other useful things.  Clearly Chris is recognizing something that I do not have the insight to see in my limited knowledge of the platform.

What it all boils down to…

Google+ had/has/will have a huge draw for social media marketers until (if ever) it dies off.  Despite my belief that the platform is the struggling you should invest the time into making a profile for your company for the reasons that I listed earlier.  It always is a plus being on Google’s good side (and yes pun intended).

I will continue to do research on this platform and keep you all posted on if my views change!

Please share your thoughts on Google+, I would love to hear them!