Burgers, Beer, and Social Media

Posted on March 18, 2012


I had the privilege to attend a discussion led my Joe Sorge founder of AJ Bombers (great burgers and beer) in which he talked about how he got started and his opinions on a wide-variety of social media topics.  Joe is one of the only restaurants that I have seen that utilizes social media exceptional well and here are the three biggest points that I got from him:

  1. Social Media is just a new way of marketing….
    Platforms such as Facbook and Twitter are merely new ways to market and engage with customers.  These tools allow for greatly increased customer engagement and monitoring.  He advised using Twitter Advanced Search to monitor talk about relative topics within an area using the “near” feature.  He gave an example of using the advanced search to monitor for burgers withing 15 miles of his first restaurant, not to promote, but to join conversations and let his restaurant speak for itself.  One post that he suggest to help with listening to conversations is to read Chris Brogan’s post “Grow Bigger Ears.”
  2. Do not use social media for customer acquisition…..
    Social Media is meant to engage with customers and jump-in / start conversations.  No company has ever been built using social media alone.  There has to be some other sort of marketing besides social media for a product or service to survive.  Many people may follow you on Twitter or are fans of yours on Facebook but to actually convert those people into customers may be very difficult without the aid of some traditional marketing techniques (some may consider social media “traditional marketing” but I do not thinks it’s there yet).
  3. Google+ is great for personal use….
    Being a good friend of Chris Brogan, Joe has more experience using Google+ and offered some interesting insights. He explained that AJ Bombers has a  Google+ account but does not give it a lot of attention.  He says that they upload pictures to the platform with very specific captions to increase their Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.).  He continued to explain that Google+ hasn’t really taken off yet, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  He said that because it isn’t overpopulated yet it significantly easier to connect with powerful people that are on the network.  He issued a challenge to the class to try and find someone on Google+ and start trying to connect with them and within two weeks you will have done so.

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