Pinterest Strategies for Business

Posted on March 29, 2012


Pinterest has been popular for awhile now, but I have not seen a lot of posts on how to capitalize on this growing phenomena.  In my first post about Pinterest I covered from a personal perspective but in this article I will provide 3 tips on how to utilize the popular platform for business uses.


Pinterest provides an interesting venue for contests.  I have only seen a few contests on Pinterest since I have been using the platform.  Usually these contests involve creating aboard using products or pinning a product to a specific board and linking back to the company in one way or another.

These two types of contest can be extremely effective.  If you are trying to promote a specific product businesses may consider offering a prize to the person who can create the best bored centered around your product.  Or they may want to create a contest where the person who pins your image to a board with a creative name wins the contest.

Blog Promotion

Infographic about infographics

Use the visual aspect of Pinterest to lure people to your blog or other pages on your website that have strong visual component, or at least have the option to incorporate visuals into their layout.   By having engaging pictures in your posts on your blog and then “pining” them onto a board on your Pinterest account.  Better than posts with interesting pictures is an infographic.  Infographics are a great way to pass along very interesting information, link to your website, and grab peoples attention.

Pages on your website can also be a great venue to link to via Pinterest.  A history of your company is a great board to have if your company has a interesting history.  People will more actively engage with your company if they can see your history in a visual manner rather than having to read a lot of information.  If they find a picture that sparks their interest about a specific event they can follow the link back to your website where you can have a detailed description of what it is depicting.

Company Culture

How many times have you been asked to describe your company culture?  Pinterest offers a new way to describe what your company is like.  By taking photos around the office and posting them to Pinterest potential hires will be able to view what day-to-day life is like at your place of business.  This type of board is fantastice for showing how the company actually is, it is one thing to say that “we have a relaxed fun atmosphere” and it is completely different to have a picture showing employees embodying these ideals.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest for Business?