Hire me! I know everything about social media!

Posted on May 10, 2012


This title is obviously sarcasm at its finest as it is impossible to know everything about social media (but seriously hire me).  The platforms are changing to keep up with new technology being developed and to know everything that’s happening would likely cause your head to explode.

I am sorry that it has been such a long time since my last post (over a month, yikes!) I have been busy doing my whole school thing and getting ready to graduate.  While sitting in one of my senior seminar classes a man was talking about how he would really doesn’t understand the point of social media and its benefits for businesses.  “Do you just post how your company is doing or something?” was one of the comments that astonished me. I realized that I have been surrounding myself with my peers who, for the most part, are very young individuals and knew the benefits of social media.  I realized that I have neglected to factor in that many businesses may not even recognize what social media can truly do for them as a business.  It is for this reason I write this blog post today.


Social Media is not some sort of glorified megaphone where you decide what you want to say and turn the volume up as loud as it can go and begin yelling at anyone that is around, it is rather like a CV radio you have to find the right channel and listen to what is going on and then engage with what people are already talking about.  Yes, you can promote yourself and what you are a little but if people do not think that you are credible and are here to spam them with useless information they will leave.  Chris Brogan said it best when establishing yourself or business on the social media scene “Be Useful.”

If your company engages with anyone…. anyone at all…..ever you should be on social media.  People of my generation and slightly older EXPECT you to have a page on Facebook or some other platform. We expect to have a forum where we can post questions/concerns about your product/service/ or company without having to go through the trouble of waiting on the phone.

If you choose not to hire a specific person to manage all of your social media efforts, I recommend hiring one *cough *cough I’m looking for a job *cough, I suggest having a customer service representative monitor it and someone from marketing.  It is important that a Full Time Staff do your social media, interns, generally, will not have the type of insights into your company that full time staff have.

This post has gotten a bit long so I will end it here.  Look for part two coming soon!

Thanks for reading!