Hello there Social Media Nation Blog Viewer.

My name is Jon Ziegler and I am a Senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in Life Sciences Communication. I am originally from New Glarus Wisconsin, which is a very small town, about 2000 people.  I am currently taking a social media class this blog is a product of the class.  I have always been interested in social media and this class gave me just enough of a push to enter the social media scene.

I am fairly experienced in the social media world and am starting to focus my efforts on helping business begin using social media effectively.  In this blog I will share with you useful articles, and strategies for various platforms and tools to help you develop a strong social media presence.  I will also provide lessons learned from my class, and mistakes that I have made in hopes that you can benefit from them.

I hope that my blog will help you, and would like to thank you for your visit!

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